18.11.2023 and 19.11.2023

Klangwerkstatt Berlin, Festival für Neue Musik

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Studio 1


Focus Duo is a four-part festival series that exclusively presents purely instrumental duo compositions.


In the Duo Reflexion K, the Ensemble Reflexion K, one of the outstanding ensembles in contemporary music, concentrates on its core and starting point. It is the two founders of the ensemble - the flautist Beatrix Wagner and the composer and cellist Gerald Eckert - who come together in this duo and develop programs of a very special kind.



Stefan Streich
Gran Duo (2021 – 2023) WP   (83')
for bassflute/flute and violoncello

Gerald Eckert
Nachtbogen (2001)   (12')
for flute and violoncello

Emiliano Turazzi
Composizione per flauto e violoncello (2017)   (47')
for flute and violoncello
© André Fischer/Klangwerkstatt Berlin

October 2023
Concert tour Argentina


Duo Reflexion K

Beatrix Wagner, flute
Gerald Eckert, violoncello


The Duo Reflexion K will play in 5 concerts at Rosario (6.10.), Salta (12.10. and 13.10.) and Córdoba (18.10. and 19.10.) works by:


Pablo Araya, Juan Campoverde Q, Christopher Cree Brown, Gerald Eckert, Ceferino García, Clemens von Reusner, Natalia Solomonoff, Stefan Streich and Jorge Diego Vasquez













© Txuca Pereira


New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) 2023


Beatrix Wagner featured performer for flute


Duo Be.Mad, Beatrix Wagner and Madeleine Shapiro,

featured performers for duo flute and cello


for informations and submissions see


Submission deadline January 15, 2023



© Olesia Saienko

9. int. Provinzlärm Festival 2023

Friday, 24.02.2023, Eckernfoerde, St. Nicolai church

08:00 p.m.

concert 1 (openig concert)


In the opening concert for the 9th Int. At the Provinzlärm Festival, Ensemble Reflexion K is celebrating its 20th birthday!


20 YEARS ENSEMBLE REFLEXION K. A scenic-multimedia program.

Compositions, graphic works and improvisations by Hugo Ball (D/CH), Gerald Eckert (D), Pouria Eghdami (IRN/D), Christopher Hobbs (GB) and Anna Korsun (UKR/D), as well as by Reflexion-K-Musicians André Bartetzki, Delphine Gauthier-Guiche, Matthias Jann, Joachim Striepens and André Wittmann.



Concert impressions:

Beatrix Wagner - Flötistin 0