Beatrix Wagner



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      released in 2016:

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2016   CD  "on the edges"

with compositions from Gerald Eckert

"An den Rändern des Maßes" (2005-11)
for two ensemble groups

"Bruchstücke... erstarrtes Lot" (1998/ 99)
for ensemble

"Sopra di noi... (niente)" (2014)
for small orchestra

ensemble reflexion K and guests

mode records   (mode 288)

The CD "on the edges" (mode records) with compositions from Gerald Eckert has been nominated for the bestlist - 3/ 2016 - of the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik".


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2016   CD  "Meinten Sie: RED"

with compositions from Peter Gahn

"mit geliehener Aussicht - Umgebung 1 + 2"
(1997/ 98 - 2000)  for ensemble

"reading unicorn skulls - the town
(engraved dreams)
for koto, 4 hyoshigi, clarinet, violin and percussion

"atonoba I + II" (2002/ 04) 
for percussion, flute, violoncello and piano

"ink, colours and gold on paper II + III
- surroundings 2
(2005/ 07) 
for accordion, percussion, >flute und violoncello

"Meinten Sie: RED II - Sextettversion" (2007) 
for piano, tuba, percussion, flute, clarinet und

"Diagonalen in kubischen Räumen I - III"
(2013-15)  for ensemble

ensemble reflexion K and guests

Dreyer Gaido    21097   
2016   CD  "klangnarbe"

with compositions from Marina Khorkova

among other pieces for different instrumentations also:
"a_priori" (2013) for flute and violoncello

Duo reflexion K

Wergo    (WER 6418 2)
      released in 2015:

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2015   CD  "Zum Beispiel: Wogende Äste"

with compositions from Nicolaus A. Huber

"leggiero mit weissglut" (2007) 
for bassflute (piccolo), percussion and piano

"Zum Beispiel: Wogende Äste" (2011) 
for ensemble

"O dieses Lichts!" (2002) 
for flute, piano and violoncello

"Ohne Hölderlin" (1992) 
for double bass and piano

"Werden Fische je das Wasser leid?" (2003) 
for soprano and ensemble

ensemble reflexion K and guests

Coviello classics   COV 91509   (Deutschlandfunk)