Beatrix Wagner




Works for flute(s) and cello
for projected concerts in the US and Germany, to be performed by the recently formed duo Be.Mad, Beatrix Wagner, flute and Madeleine Shapiro, cello. Be.Mad was formed in the spring of 2019 and played it's inaugural concert in June 2019 at the Avery Fisher Center at NYU.
Works can be with fixed media or live processing, and can include video. We would prefer scores specifically for the above combination, but will also look at open scored pieces.
Please send materials or links to Beatrix Wagner at beatrix.wagner@freenet.de and Madeleine Shapiro at mscellomad@gmail.com
Questions can be directed to the same addresses.

First deadline: December 23,2019, and ongoing after that.

Thanks for your consideration.
Be and Mad

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2020   CD  "absence"

compositions from Gerald Eckert

"den angestoßenen Augen der Steine" (2014)
for cb-clar, vln, live-electronics and tape

(Ensemble Reflexion K)

"absence - traces éloignées" (2007) for 4 piccolo and 2 percussion
(Ensemble Reflexion K and Ensemble L'art pour l'art)

"Annäherung an Petrarca" (2006) for 4 voices, fl and vc
(Ensemble Auditivvokal and Duo Reflexion K)

"außen, von tief innen" (2015) for bass-fl, cb-clar and vc
(Ensemble Reflexion K)

Ensemble Reflexion K, Ensemble Auditivvokal, Ensemble L'art pour l'art

mode records   (mode 320)

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2020   CD  "Harakiri"

compositions from Nicolaus A. Huber

"Gespenster (Vorspruch | Tutti | Lied)" (1976)
for orchestra, singer-speaker and tape
SWF-Orchestra | Ernest Bour, conductor

"Harakiri" (1971)
for small orchestra, 1 coductor, 1 speaker, tape & loudspeaker
SWR Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart | Zsolt Nagy, conductor

"l'inframince - extended" (2013/ 14)
for ensemble, video- & CD-playbacks
Ensemble Reflexion K | Gerald Eckert, conductor

"no exit - verwunschene Fixierung" (2014)
for ensemble, audio- & video-playbacks
Ensemble Reflexion K | Gerald Eckert, conductor

Ensemble Reflexion K

Coviello classics   COV 91915   

    The recordings of the Ensemble Reflexion K were produced and edited by Georg Stahl:


    The recordings of the Ensemble Reflexion K
were generously supported by:

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concerts 2020


27.05.2019, 09.05 - 10.50 p.m., Deutschlandfunk,
live recordings of the concerts of the 7. international Provinzlärm festival 2019
from 15.02. to 17.02.2019 at the Nicolai church Eckernfoerde

with compositions from Lisa Streich, Georg Friedrich Haas, Gerald Eckert,
Chrichan Larson, a.o.

for informations to the works see: Provinzlärm festival 2019
Ensemble Lipparella, Norddeutsche Sinfonietta, Ensemble Reflexion K and guests


The CD "on the edges" (mode records) with compositions from Gerald Eckert has been nominated for the bestlist - 3/ 2016 - of the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik".

      released in 2016:

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2016   CD  "on the edges"

with compositions from Gerald Eckert

"An den Rändern des Maßes" (2005-11)
for two ensemble groups

"Bruchstücke... erstarrtes Lot" (1998/ 99)
for ensemble

"Sopra di noi... (niente)" (2014)
for small orchestra

Ensemble Reflexion K and guests

mode records   (mode 288)

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2016   CD  "Meinten Sie: RED"

with compositions from Peter Gahn

"mit geliehener Aussicht - Umgebung 1 + 2"
(1997/ 98 - 2000)  for ensemble

"reading unicorn skulls - the town
(engraved dreams)
for koto, 4 hyoshigi, clarinet, violin and percussion

"atonoba I + II" (2002/ 04) 
for percussion, flute, violoncello and piano

"ink, colours and gold on paper II + III
- surroundings 2
(2005/ 07) 
for accordion, percussion, >flute und violoncello

"Meinten Sie: RED II - Sextettversion" (2007) 
for piano, tuba, percussion, flute, clarinet und

"Diagonalen in kubischen Räumen I - III"
(2013-15)  for ensemble

Ensemble Reflexion K and guests

Dreyer Gaido    21097