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2021   CD  "Tarjo"

compositions from Natalia Solomonoff

"Tarjo" (2011)
for ensemble

(fl, ob, clar, bsn, pf, vln, vla, vc)
(Ensemble Reflexion K)

"karg" (2016)
for flute and violoncello

(Duo Reflexion K; Beatrix Wagner: flute, Gerald Eckert: violoncello)

"humus" (2009)
for flute, accordion, harp and violoncello

(Quartett Reflexion K) 

"Raunächte" (2019)
for soprano, fl, clar, pf, vln, vc and electronics

(Ensemble Reflexion K) 

Ensemble Reflexion K

Ambitus   (amb 96 976)
    Ensemble Reflexion K
    Beatrix Wagner - flute
    Anja Schmiel - oboe
    Joachim Striepens - clarinet
    Jakob Meyers - bassoon
    Eva Zöllner - accordion
    Eva Curth - harp
    Martin von der Heydt - piano
    Vera Schmidt - violin (1)
    Lenka Zupkova - violin (4-15)
    Christiane Veltman - viola
    Burkart Zeller - violoncello (1, 4-15)
    Gerald Eckert - direction (1, 4-15), violoncello (2, 3)
    Maria Bulgakova - soprano
    Natalia Solomonoff - electronics

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2020   CD  "Quelli che vivono"

compositions from Emiliano Turazzi

"Quelli che vivono" (2013)
for 8 spatialized musicians and electronics

(fl, clar, 2 perc, pf, vln, vla, vc, electronics)
(Ensemble Reflexion K)

"Composizione per flauto e violoncello" (2017)
for flute and violoncello

(Duo Reflexion K; Beatrix Wagner: flute, Gerald Eckert: Violoncello)

"Composizione per flauto dolce tenore solo" (2019)
for tenor recorder

(Emiliano Turazzi) 

Ensemble Reflexion K (and as guest: Emiliano Turazzi)

Stradivarius   (STR 37122)
    Ensemble Reflexion K
    Beatrix Wagner - flute
    Joachim Striepens - clarinet
    Julian Grebe - percussion
    Arian Robinson - percussion
    Martin von der Heydt - piano
    Vera Schmidt - violin
    Christiane Veltman - viola
    Burkart Zeller - violoncello (1)
    Gerald Eckert - direction (1), violoncello (2)
    Emiliano Turazzi - tenor recorder

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2020   CD  "absence"

compositions from Gerald Eckert

"den angestoßenen Augen der Steine" (2014)
for cb-clar, vln, live-electronics and tape

(Ensemble Reflexion K)

"absence - traces éloignées" (2007) for 4 piccolo and 2 percussion
(Ensemble Reflexion K and Ensemble L'art pour l'art)

"Annäherung an Petrarca" (2006) for 4 voices, fl and vc
(Ensemble Auditivvokal and Duo Reflexion K)

"außen, von tief innen" (2015) for bass-fl, cb-clar and vc
(Ensemble Reflexion K)

Ensemble Reflexion K, Ensemble Auditivvokal, Ensemble L'art pour l'art

mode records   (mode 320)

    Ensemble Reflexion K
    Beatrix Wagner - flute (3, 4), piccolo (2)
    Joachim Striepens - clarinet, contrabassclarinet (1, 4)
    Johannes Fischer - percussion  (2)
    Lenka Zupkova - violin (1)
    Andre Bartetzki - live-electronics (1)
    Gerald Eckert - direction (2), electronics (1), violoncello (3, 4)
    Ensemble L'art pour l'art
    Astrid Schmeling - piccolo (2)
    Matthias Kaul - percussion  (2)
    Auditivvokal Ensemble
    Viktoria Wilson - soprano (3)
    Katja Fischer - alto (3)
    Jonas Finger - tenor (3)
    Cornelius Uhle - baritone (3)
    Olaf Katzer - direction (3)
    Rebecca Lenton - piccolo (2)
    Martina Roth - piccolo (2)

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2020   CD  "Harakiri"

compositions from Nicolaus A. Huber

"Gespenster (Vorspruch | Tutti | Lied)" (1976)
for orchestra, singer-speaker and tape
SWF-Orchestra | Ernest Bour, conductor

"Harakiri" (1971)
for small orchestra, 1 coductor, 1 speaker, tape & loudspeaker
SWR Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart | Zsolt Nagy, conductor

"l'inframince - extended" (2013/ 14)
for ensemble, video- & CD-playbacks
Ensemble Reflexion K | Gerald Eckert, conductor

"no exit - verwunschene Fixierung" (2014)
for ensemble, audio- & video-playbacks
Ensemble Reflexion K | Gerald Eckert, conductor

Ensemble Reflexion K

Coviello classics   COV 91915
    The recordings of the Ensemble Reflexion K were produced and edited by Georg Stahl:

    The recordings of the Ensemble Reflexion K were generously supported by:


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2016   CD  "on the edges"

with compositions from Gerald Eckert

"An den Rändern des Maßes" (2005-11)
for two ensemble groups

"Bruchstücke... erstarrtes Lot" (1998/ 99)
for ensemble

"Sopra di noi... (niente)" (2014)
for small orchestra

Ensemble Reflexion K and guests

mode records   (mode 288)

The CD "on the edges" (mode records) with compositions from Gerald Eckert has been nominated for the bestlist - 3/ 2016 - of the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik".


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2016   CD  "Meinten Sie: RED"

with compositions from Peter Gahn

"mit geliehener Aussicht - Umgebung 1 + 2"
(1997/ 98 - 2000)  for ensemble

"reading unicorn skulls - the town
(engraved dreams)
for koto, 4 hyoshigi, clarinet, violin and percussion

"atonoba I + II" (2002/ 04) 
for percussion, flute, violoncello and piano

"ink, colours and gold on paper II + III
- surroundings 2
(2005/ 07) 
for accordion, percussion, >flute und violoncello

"Meinten Sie: RED II - Sextettversion" (2007) 
for piano, tuba, percussion, flute, clarinet und

"Diagonalen in kubischen Räumen I - III"
(2013-15)  for ensemble

Ensemble Reflexion K and guests

Dreyer Gaido    21097   
2016   CD  "klangnarbe"

with compositions from Marina Khorkova

among other pieces for different instrumentations also:
"a_priori" (2013) for flute and violoncello

Duo Reflexion K

Wergo    (WER 6418 2)

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2015   CD  "Zum Beispiel: Wogende Äste"

with compositions from Nicolaus A. Huber

"leggiero mit weissglut" (2007) 
for bassflute (piccolo), percussion and piano

"Zum Beispiel: Wogende Äste" (2011) 
for ensemble

"O dieses Lichts!" (2002) 
for flute, piano and violoncello

"Ohne Hölderlin" (1992) 
for double bass and piano

"Werden Fische je das Wasser leid?" (2003) 
for soprano and ensemble

ensemble reflexion K and guests

Coviello classics   COV 91509   (Deutschlandfunk)

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2011   Solo-CD  "Spiegelungen" with compositions for flute

Bernhard Lang - "Schrift 1.2"  (1998)
for flute solo

Gerald Eckert - "Gegendämmerung"  (2008)
for flute and voice

Clemens Gadenstätter - "Musik für Soloflöte"  (1991)
for flute solo

Gordon Kampe - "Heavy Metal"  (2008)
for flute and different additional sounds

Klaus Lang - "Der Herr der Insel"  (1999)
for flute solo

Beat Furrer - "auf tönernen füssen"  (2001)
for flute and voice

Georg Friedrich Haas - "Finale"  (2004)
for flute solo

edition zeitklang    ez - 44046  (BR)
2008   "absence - traces éloignées" for 4 piccoli and 2 percussion

from  Gerald Eckert

on:  CD  "Transit Festival Leuven - world premieres 2007"

mit dem  Ensemble SurPlus
(M. Roth, E. Hirst, B. Wagner, G. Durando - piccoli, O. Tzschoppe, P. Pons - percussion,
J. Avery - director)

contains also compositions by: H. Radulescu, D. Ricketson, J. Clarke, R. de Raaf and
B. Vanhecke

Supplement to the program of the Transit Festival Leuven 2008     
2008   CD  "chamber music" of the ensemble reflexion K

with compositions from Gerald Eckert

"Studie über Nelly Sachs"
for soprano, fl, hrp, acc, perc, vln and cb,

"Vom Innen - Körnung"
for viola solo,

"Nen VII"
for flute, violoncello and tape

"Schächte - les nuages d'automne"
for flute, viola and harp,

"Klangräume II"
for piccolo and tape,

"Feld 3."
for flute and harp,

"wie Wolken um die Zeiten legt"
for soprano, flute, accordeon and percussion,

"Fäden" (1st part)
for flute, violoncello, accordeon and harp

NEOS     NEOS 10811  (MDR and Deutschlandfunk)
2004   "offen - fin des terres" (2002) for ensemble and tape

on the portrait-CD  "des Nichts, verlorene Schatten" by Gerald Eckert

with the ensemble Aventure

col legno WWE 1 CD 20 231  (SWR)
2004   Gerald Eckert: "offen - fin des terres" (2002) for ensemble and tape

with the ensemble Aventure

CD  "Bourges - Cultures électroniques Nr.17"  LDC 278 078
2003   CD  "Musica su due dimensioni" of the ensemble reflexion K

Bruno Maderna - "Musica su due dimensioni"  (1957/ 58)
for flute and tape

Hans Zender - "Lo-Shu VI", Nr. 4  (1989)
for flute and violoncello

Gerald Eckert - "Schwebe, verlöschend"  (2000/ 01)
for flute and percussion

Gerald Eckert - "Nachtbogen"  (2001)
for flute and violoncello

Maki Ishii - "Sen-Ten"  (1971)
for percussion and electronic sounds

Carlo Carcano - "marzo, madre"  (1998)
for female voice and percussion

John Cage - "Ryoanji"  (1983-85)
version for voice, flute, violoncello and percussion

AMBITUS - amb 96 858
2003   Solo-CD  "Positions" with compositions for flute

Nicolaus A. Huber - "First play Mozart"  (1993)

Heinz Holliger - "(t)air(e)"  (1983)

Gerald Eckert - "dem schweigenden Antlitz"  (1998)

Bunita Marcus - "Solo for flute"  (1981)

AMBITUS - amb 96 831  (BR)
2001   compositions by George Crumb, Gerald Eckert, Morton Feldman, u.a.

CD  "Zeitspuren" of the ensemble Horizonte

AMBITUS - amb 96 813  (Radio Bremen)
2000   Mark Osborn: "Arms of Morpheus" (1996) for ensemble

with the ensemble of the "Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik 1998"

CD  of the international courses Darmstadt 1998"

contains also compositions by: Andre, Asphergis, Cage, Eckert, Hosokawa, Kurtag,
Reudenbach, Sciarrino, Stiebler, etc.

col legno WWE 2 CD 20055