concerts 2021
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Beatrix Wagner

concerts 2021



since 16.12.2020
online video of the works of the festival "X. Micro-Jornadas de composicion y musica contemporanea 2020" (press on photo):

Duo Reflexion K


26.02.2021, 07.00 p.m.
online-concert at the festival "Klangwerkstatt Berlin" from last November (press on photo) :

compositions from Luigi Nono, Nicolaus A. Huber, Helmut Lachenmann, Stefan Streich, Gerald Eckert and Seung-Jin Hong
Ensemble Reflexion K


March 2021
NYCEMF Festival 2021


March 2021
"Chiffren"-competition for contemporary music


17.03.2021, 00.12 - 02.00 a.m., Bavarian broadcast (BR 2)
broadcast of "Sopra di noi... (niente)" for orchestra by Gerald Eckert
Ensemble Reflexion K and guests


29.04.2021, 07.30 p.m., Rendsburg, Nordkolleg
Gestade in Fernen - Poesie in Klängen
compositions from Natalia Solomonoff, Nicolaus A. Huber and Gerald Eckert
Ensemble Reflexion K


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